Very well done. The song has been stuck in my head for a couple weeks now. I think I like the Cobra side of the video a little bit better, particularly Zartan. My only complaint is Destro’s costume. Then again, he’s sharing the screen with the super-hot Baroness, so it doesn’t distract me too much.

Hope to see the movie next week. May watch some episodes of the cartoon this weekend if I can tear myself away from Cowboy Bebop.

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5 Responses to Hit Coffee Weekend: GI Joe

  1. Kirk says:

    Was that Julianne Moore? Nah, couldn’t have been.

    I liked the dude being into 70’s boogie. However, I could relate best to the guy who drinks a lot of beer.

  2. trumwill says:

    Twas Julianne Moore. They did an amazing job collecting a cast. Julianne Moore, Billy Cradup, Henry Rollins, one of the guys from Chuck, and a bunch of people that I would have recognized if I were more plugged in (Lady Jaye is the lead in a new movie that just came out, Post-Grad). They even got that Chuck Liddell fighter guy.

    Frankly, there were more recognizable faces in this video than there were in the movie.

  3. DaveinHackensack says:

    I like the part about Three Dog Night reuniting “on pain of death”. He could have just had Aimee Mann sing her version of the song.

    Speaking of G.I. Joe, I posted these two clips from Robot Chicken — the second of which concerns G.I. Joe — on my site a couple of weeks ago,

  4. trumwill says:

    That was hilarious, Dave!

  5. DaveinHackensack says:

    I thought the werewolf clip was pretty funny too. It’s a funny show overall. I think it helps that the episodes are so short (less than 15 minutes).

    In an interview, Michael Crichton once quoted Da Vinci: “A small space concentrates the mind”. Perhaps by keeping its running time so short, Robot Chicken concentrates its humor.

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