Jim’s Big Ego is a Boston band with a sort of alty-poppy sound. They refer to themselves as “Unpop for the Unpopular”. If you like Barenaked Ladies or Cake, you might find them worth a listen. Unfortunately, their video coverage on YouTube is spotty. There’s only one official video that I can embed here. It’s a great song, but not very indicative of the band as a whole (the band is quasi-comedic, but the song is about getting over the death of a girlfriend or wife). But they have a plethora of good videos on their website.

If you click away from here to watch one video, I most strongly recommend Stress. It’s a tribute to the white-collar working man and to caffeine. It’s kind of a crude old Flash video, but they made the most of what they had. Concrete (a light song about a woman that’s kinda sorta dragging down his entire existence) and Miss Understanding (about the joys of communication difficulties with a girlfriend who seems to go out of her way to misunderstand what he’s saying) also fall into that category.

Here is the video I actually can embed, “Love What’s Gone”:

In addition to their music videos, they’re one of not-many bands that are supportive of fans creating their own music videos. Here’s one that is an interesting take on “The Ballad of Barry Allen” (Barry Allen was The Flash and was co-created by a relative of frontman Jim Infantino’s). Instead of making it about The Flash, this person chose to make it about Batman. It’s a creative take on (what for comic book fans is) a fantastic song with a unique take on the humdrum of the fast life of superheroism:

Here’s a fan-video to their song “They’re Everywhere” done for an English project:

It’s not my favorite of the fan videos, but they won’t let me embed the real video.

An ode to Governor Rod Blagojovich. It’s a recording from a live show rather than a music video, and so the audio quality isn’t all that great, but it’s a pretty funny song.

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