yearbookquoteThis October piece by Michael Brendan Dougherty seems kind of prescient. There’s a degree to which people who a few weeks ago were bragging about how the Deep State was going to obstruct Trump’s agenda are now freaking out that Trump is going after the Deep State.

And from November, Ed Krayewski argued that if you don’t understand how anyone could have voted for Trump, you’re why Trump won.

Never mind whether it’s fair to conservatives, Musa al-Gharbi argues that the lack of ideological diversity is hurting social research. I don’t know what you do about a feedback loop this far in, though. {More}

As Uncle Steve alludes to, it’s easier to be a sanctuary city where nobody unrich can afford to live.

Jason Richwine notes that the children of immigrants are learning English, but fears they are not sufficiently forgetting Spanish. Yeah, not too worried about that.

DishGirl writes of abortion regret and the sorry it can leave behind.

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3 Responses to Linklusteria

  1. Mike Schilling says:

    The Deep State is the rule of law. Yes, I’m hoping the rule of law will prevail over Trump’s corruption, and I won’t be happy if he defeats it.

    • Oscar Gordon says:

      And, of course, the GOP seems just fine with standing by to let him do it, because politics trumps ideology in tge clutch.

  2. trumwill says:

    To the extent that’s all the Deep State is, I agree.

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