From time to time I have to stretch my clothes to three weeks before I can do laundry again. This is one of those times. Whenever that’s the case, it requires more planning on my part than usual. I have to decide, among other things, which of my undesirable slacks I want to wear and what I want to wear with them so that I can feel pretty, witty, and bright.

But the thought occured to me as I was picking out clothes that it’s Wild West Week at work. On WWW, we get to wear jeans. This made stretching to a third week insanely easy. Except that I wasn’t sure. I mean, I was pretty sure that Wild West Week was the first week in August, but maybe I was wrong and it was the second.

I ended up taking a change of clothes just in case I was wrong. I’d spent so long trying to figure it out that I was running late to work. That meant that if I had it wrong, I’d have to change on work time. That made me worry a bit more.

When I finally got to work, I saw a couple of Account Managers walking in wearing jeans. “Thank god!” I said.

When I got inside, the first words out of a coworker’s mouth was “Thank goodness! I couldn’t remember if it was this week or next.”

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