Several months ago I decided to listen to Scott Turow’s Kindle County series, starting with Presumed Innocence. The book was partially spoiled by the fact that I knew how it ended because I’d seen the end (and only the end) of the movie. I knew who committed the crime, where the missing glass went, and how the characters fared. I still enjoyed the book, though.

Now here I am in a remarkably similar spot. I’m listening to John Grisham’s The Chamber. It took me less than an hour’s listening to realize that once again, I’ve seen part of this movie. Once again, I’ve seen the end of it. So once again, I know how it ends. Unfortunately, this time around I am not enjoying the book. Not yet, anyway. Last time around, I also knew too much about the main plot of the story because they read the dust jacket. This time I don’t have those spoilers, but it doesn’t matter because the book seems to be doing much at all with the first half of the book. Other than to convey the message that Grisham, like all Right-Thinking People (as evidenced by all right-thinking people in the book), opposes the death penalty. And racism.

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  1. Becky says:

    It probably doesn’t help that it was one of his least enjoyable books, either.

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