My usual car has fallen a little ill recently. It doesn’t like the uphill climb in downtown Soundview on my drive home and falters a bit on the Interstate. So Clancy and I have decided to switch cars for a spell. As tragic as it is for my little green guy, I was actually looking forward to spending a little time driving Clancy’s nicer automobile. It’s almost certain that for most of our marriage she will be driving the nicer, bigger car. Mostly because I don’t care. But I figured it would be nice to drive the alpha car.

So it stands to reason that the first morning I go out to take over her car and open it, the hatch comes right off the car into my hand. So now I have to get in on the passenger’s side. I had to do this sort of thing on my old Escort because the driver’s side lock didn’t work. I managed to work out a way that I could kind of spin around into the driver’s side seat. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to do it in her car. I keep running into the gearshift. and my leg keeps kicking the faceplate off the radio.

This is not optimal.

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2 Responses to My New Ride

  1. Peter says:

    Alpha car? Does it, like, score with all the hot girl cars at the nightclub?

  2. Clancy says:

    Alpha car. . . hmm. Don’t know about alpha. Older car, yes. Sort of like the older wife. 🙂

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