Well, not just the government. But it played more of a role than I realized.

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One Response to How The Government Killed Saturday Morning Cartoons

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Yeah, but at least we have Cartoon Network and its ilk now. (At least if you have cable. And I’m sure there’s stuff on Netflix that is cartoons). So it’s not as bleak as they make it seem. I remember watching relatively little tv as a kid because there were almost no desirable programs on.

    (I suppose they could argue Carton Network:Saturday Morning Cartoons as Amazon: indie bookstores, but I’m not quite ready to buy that)

    I remember though what a bit deal it was when the new fall cartoons would get rolled out – I think some years they even did a Friday-evening preview special to build hype.

    I’m getting old. But I still watch cartoons and would generally rather watch them than most of the programming on tv.

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