After a tense and heartwarming discussion with Clancy, we came to the conclusion that we should get a second clock. My lack of a clock has been well-documented on this site and it was finally decided that enough is enough. The conversation went something like this:

Clancy: My alarm clock isn’t waking me up in the morning anymore.

Me: I don’t know what your problem is. Whenever it goes off I have to go to the other room while you hit the snooze button for an hour.

Clancy: Yeah, but lately I don’t even have to hit the snooze button. I just sleep through it.

Me: Hmmm. Well we have the lights come on and the alarm go off. What more can we do for you?

Clancy: Get a louder alarm clock.

Me: Can I have your old one?

Clancy: Sure.

Of course, I haven’t been able to plug my new alarm clock in or anything silly like that. But it does make a good cell phone alarm holder until I can get a new extention cord.

One step at a time, here.

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