15 Amazing Yearbook Photos of U.S. Politicians (Veto Corleone)

A fascinating look at the yearbook photos of various prominant (or infamous) politicians. I suppose it makes sense that there seems to be a correlation between how prominant and young a politician is and how much I recognize him (or her). Carter is almost unrecognizable due I guess in part to his age. You have to look closely at George H. Bush, too, but when you do you can see it. I don’t know whether the recognizability of Georgie W. Bush and Bill Clinton were simply due to exposure or the distinctness of their faces. I suspect the former.

In Brightest Day (Comic Book Resources)

Found via Barry, it’s a heartwarming story of a nine-year old Green Lantern fan going to DC headquarters to be heard.

The Watchmen Motion Comic (watchmencomicmovie.com)

A brilliant concept that I hope they make the most of. Inexpensive and entertaining. However, having one guy doing all of the voices on a project like that just doesn’t work and makes the product very disappointing.

Terrible Twos – The Ten Worst Sequels: Highlander II

Quite possibly the worst movie ever. Unfortunately, the blurb mentions that they have a commentary on the DVD wherein the creators try to explain what the heck went wrong. Sadly, that means I need to rent said DVD. It seemed obvious to me that they simply took the storyline of some completely separate movie and turned it into a Highlander flick, but maybe there’s another story behind it. It’s sad that in four movies they never got it as right as the TV show it spawned did in the first episode.

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  1. a_c says:

    Of note: all of the politicians (with the possible exception of Palin) were quite good-looking back in the day. It does not take a genius to imagine why that would tend to lead to the people skills necessary to reach the top echelon of politics.

  2. trumwill says:

    I think it’s practically required that politicians grow up liked and accepted and creative artists (as opposed to performance artists) rejected.

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