It’s so cold in Alaska that even Alaskans are complaining

“It’s just miserable,” Erickson added. “I hate everybody who lives in a warm place.”Fairbanks dropped to 50 below zero for the first time in five years Wednesday, Anchorage climatologist Brian Brettschnider said, triggering spooky ice fog across the city. Ice fog occurs when tiny ice particles are suspended in the air when temperatures fall lower than about 22 degrees below zero.

We’ve been getting semi-daily texts from my sister-in-law about how utterly miserable it is. Too cold to do anything but text.

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  1. gregiank says:

    Oh pashaw….Alaskans complain about the weather all the freaking time. Its the state sport. We just have to unpack our ” holy spork it’s cold” complaints we haven’t needed for a while. It’s almost up to -2 today so we got that going for us. We’ve had a ton of ice fog which is cool and spooky and makes beautiful hoarfrost.

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