We have four potties for Lain. We messed up with the first one and she became afraid of it. The second one she just didn’t take a liking to. The third and fourth are a model that she likes and for a while was the only one she would use. At some point, she decided that she liked the other ones after all. So we have four in use. And so goes around using each one like the dog marking her territory.

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  1. Kazzy says:

    Are they all in one bathroom? Or do you spread them out? I’ve gotten Mayo a little TWO comfortable peeing here, there, and everywhere. He enjoys peeing outside a bit too much. One time over the summer, we got to camp (where I worked and he attended) early and went to the roof deck. He said he had to pee. I said we’d go down in a minute (I was cleaning out the stroller). He asked if he could pee in class (his classroom had a bathroom). I said sure.

    At least, I thought he said class. His articulation errors masked that he had really said “grass”. I turned around to see him firing off into the astroturfed area of the play deck. Sigh.

    • trumwill says:

      They are spread out, but she’ll sneak upstairs just to use the one upstairs.

      The “peeing everywhere” (in non-toilets) problem is something girls are less likely to have.

      While we were in Colosse, we actually got her to use a toilet with one of those special rings. That was progress! Though she still obviously prefers the potties.

      • Kazzy says:

        Special rings? You mean the little booster seats?

        Boys have the added benefit of being able to pee standing up. Many young boys actually don’t but because I was the primary potty trainer and we have a pretty open door policy in my home, Mayo’s been comfortable peeing standing up for a while now, which helps with traveling. He actually really enjoys using urinals when they’re low enough. So falling into toilets (which is a real risk when you’re tiny and have no butt or hips to speak of) only really comes into play when going number 2.

        Kids have all sorts of hangups around toileting. It is one of the few things they can exercise near complete control over so they often do so in weird ways. As long as it’s getting in the potty most of the time, take it as a win.

  2. fillyjonk says:

    One of the more-foolish things I remember my brother doing was him and a friend having “shooting contests” at bees that were visiting flowers in the backyard.

    Yeah. Not a part of the body you probably want to expose to something that could sting it.

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