The first time I ever saw CSI, I got a date out of the deal. I made a trip to Ephesus to (among other things) finally make my move with Sally. She had recently been emancipated from the relationship that she was in and everything was falling into place. Unfortunately, her ex-boyfriend Tommy was unconvinced that they were finished. They spent the evening arguing in her bedroom, so I was stuck out in the den with Abby. CSI was on TV and we watched it together. It thoroughly entertaining. We speculated about the twists and turns, got in a conversation afterwards, and she and I ultimately spent Valentine’s Day together wherein I turned in one of the two worst date performances of my life and we never went out again.

Even though that didn’t last, I still have a soft spot for that show cause it helped break a dry spell and prevented me from making a mistake with Sally.

I haven’t seen CSI proper since that episode as far as I can recall. However, after SEC college football CBS would often play an episode of CSI: Miami. That is, I venture to say, the worst cop show I have ever seen. So bad is it that I think David Caruso was better off as a has-been than associated with that show. It’s dreck. It made me think that the one episode of CSI I liked was an outlier or otherwise was only enjoyed because it was a collaborative viewing with an attractive young lady.

Caruso came up in a conversation with Clint when I was visiting him in Shaston a couple months back. I made a comment about how much I hate CSI and he said that it really wasn’t bad and asked which one I had been watching. I told him Miami and he said “Ah-ha. That’s the problem.” Apparently, CSI: Miami is the bad sibling. He said that he liked CSI proper and I think said a nice thing or two about CSI: New York (or maybe a nice thing about Gary Sinese, I can’t recall).

So do any of you watch all three shows? Are they all different? What I don’t like about CSI is that it seems to be built around poses and sweeping visuals at the expense of anything interesting. Are the other two CSIs like that at all? If CSI proper is the more straight techno-procedural and Miami is Sexxy Actors in Sexxy Poses, what’s New York like?

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  1. Abel says:

    MG and I stopped watching those shows a long time ago. Part of the reason was that it felt like the writers were really stretching to come up with new ways for people to die. (Not to mention that most of their technology is made up and CSI agents don’t play detective in the real world.)

    Out of the three CSI: New York was the best because it seemed to focus on the personal lives of the CSI people more.

  2. logtar says:

    I watch CSI:Vegas on and off. Some of the series like the miniature killer were very cool and worth watching, some other ones not so much. Right now they are going through tons of changes and the main dude was replaced by Laurence Fishburne… The other two I have never seen.

  3. trumwill says:


    It seems a problem on crime-solving non-cop shows that they run out of story credibility sooner rather than later. NYPD Blue and Homicide and the L&O’s can tell cop stories forever, but since lab work is not visually exciting, they have to stretch it on CSI. I’ve caught a couple episodes of Crossing Jordan and noticed the same thing… they keep having to come up with some excuse for her involvement in the action.

    That’s to say nothing of Diagnosis Murder and Murder She Wrote and other shows where it is totally lethal to be an old friend of Angela Whatsername or Dick Van Dyke who runs into them again cause you’re about to turn up dead.

  4. Becky says:

    We watch the original CSI fairly frequently and I tried Miami but it was the characters that kind of annoyed me (and David Caruso). So yeah, I think the actors had a lot to do with it. I haven’t watched CSI: NY b/c I would just rather have more variety in my programming.

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