There is a book on Mom’s bookshelf that keeps catching my attention. Part of it is the pink color that makes it stand out, but the other is an intriguing title: Don’t Stop the Carnival. I can’t say why that title catches my attention, but it does. Probably once a trip I pick it out and see what it’s about. The plot doesn’t interest me terribly much, and isn’t memorable as evidenced by the fact that I have to keep checking to see what it’s about. But that is an enormously effective title. (Note: The book cover of Mom’s book at home is obviously different from the one for sale at Amazon.)

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  1. Gabriel Conroy says:

    I haven’t read any of Wouk’s work, but I did watch the miniseries based on his WWII novels (or novel?….there were two miniseries, but maybe only one novel). They were pretty good.

    Before I clicked on the link, I thought it was a book about actual carnivals. With clowns. Those things need to be stopped whenever and wherever they crop up.

    I hope you’re having a happy holidays, by the way!

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