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People that seem to like Indian/Dominican/Brazillian/Taiwanese/{insert foreign food that isn’t Americanized Italian or Mexican} food primarily on the basis that it differentiates them from people that don’t foreign foods.

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4 Responses to Annoyance: Foreign Food Snobs

  1. Webmaster says:

    I like Thai food because it is tasty. And for no other reason.

    I dislike Mexican (and Americanized Faux-Mexican) food because (a) all of it seems to contain stuff I’m allergic to and (b) the rest of it seems to be nothing but grease-fried grease.

  2. trumwill says:

    I love Thai food. I like spicy foods of a lot of varieties (Mexican, South Louisianan, tangy BBQ, and Thai). I like things that taste strong.

    What are you allergic to?

    Mexican food (both of the Mexican and American varieties) vary a pretty great deal in terms of greasiness. Some of the more authentic Mexican ingredients (chorizo) are almost too greasy even for me! The chili-based Tex-Mex stuff can be pretty greasy, too, but greasy in about the right portions for me (which is probably too much for you). I tend to prefer Americanized Mexican because I’m such a cheese guy, but I do prefer verde sauce which is only sometimes offered at American-Mexican places.

  3. David Alexander says:

    I’m very fond of rodizio primarily because the meat is just wonderful. It’s heaven for meat lovers.

    I’m still trying to find one on Long Island, and I need an eating partner to go with me…

  4. Webmaster says:

    Nightshades, Will (Solanaceae family). Tomato, Bell Pepper, Eggplant primarily. Interestingly also: Potato, Tobacco, Petunia, Jimson weed, and of course the very-toxic-to-everybody mandrake and deadly nightshade.

    Not all of it I can’t eat, though – it’s whatever they put in the fruit that sets me off, and it’s destroyed by cooking well enough or compounding with enough vinegar. Thus I can handle really well-stewed items (canned tomato soup, pizza sauce, etc) and most seasoning bits (like A-1 sauce and a dash of Tabasco) because of the vinegar content. And of course with potatoes, it’s the tuber and not the fruit that is being eaten, so I’m fine and dandy there.

    On the downside… you’ve seen me around smokers. Tobacco puts a hell of a lot of it into the leaves, and then turning it into an aerosol, well… BLECH. Welcome to Web-Not-Breathing land.

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