When I was driving to work this morning, I was at a temporary stop thanks to traffic. I decided to take the opportunity to clean my glasses. As I did so, they fell apart in my hands. Both lenses.

It’s easy to forget how blind you are until you don’t have corrective lenses to fix your eyes right up. To make matters worse, there was this white stuff falling from the sky and my windshield wipers weren’t doing a very good job of shoving it out of the way, preferring instead to spread it around more evenly.

When I got to the parking garage, at about two miles-an-hour I rammed into a concrete wall.

At my workbench in the Secret Vault were some contacts I’d accidentally left there over the weekend. What’s funny is that I was wearing some pretty old glasses (hence their falling apart) I keep around as back-up at work. Then at work are my contacts, in which I don’t see as well anymore as I do with my glasses. When wearing either of those two things, I complain to myself that my vision is limited.

My definition of “limited vision” has officially be re-calibrated. Limited vision is running into concrete walls. Being unable to read things from across the room is something else entirely. Something a lot less dangerous.

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  1. PD says:

    Have you tried having less coffee?

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