So below are some GoogleEarth images of various places that I’ve been. It was kind of fun to compile, though a big time-consuming. Some of the pictures may not be up terribly long. The images they had for Deseret were really bad. Which is odd because I don’t think that they used to be that bad. Anyway, if you’re interested, click below:

Above is the house in West Oak, the dinky suburb I was raised in.

A little further away. We’re located near various bodies of water and a “youth village” that slowly crept into a juvenile hall facility. West Oak City Hall and the local park are also in the picture.

The Southern Tech campus including the dorms where I lived with Saresh, Hubert, and Dennis. Web and Karl also lived there.

My first apartment, where I lived with Karl and Dennis. Hubert also lived in the complex for part of the time prior to getting a house with Web and another friend.

Our second apartment, Midlerth Estates. I lived there with Karl.

Belle Rieve, where Clancy and I first lived when we moved up before living with the Cranstons. We lived blissfully close to the university.

Further away. No picture of the Cranstons because the resolution was pretty awful and there’s not a whole lot interesting near it.

A close-up of our place in Estacado. Well, a shot of where our place is going to be. The maps are outdated and were not built yet at the time of the picture-taking. Oddly enough, a year ago they had images of the place being built, so it’s like they backtracked. You can also see the drug dealers that we’ve referred to and a pastor that I never talked about that lived a couple places down. There was also a weird lot that had three standalone huts on it. Not sure what that was all about. My guess is that it was a weekend project that’s been going on for years.

Further away.

Here is the location of our current place in Soundview. We’re a pretty straight-shot from downtown and not far from the chip channel. I plan to have some pictures taken of the channel when I get a chance. It’s pretty neat.

This is a vacation spot where various interesting things in my life have happened.

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2 Responses to Fun With Google Satellite

  1. Peter says: (part of “Bing”) now has bird’s-eye views of many areas that are really cool. I still can’t get over the fact that I can see my car in the train station parking lot (the red car facing the platform).

  2. Peter says:

    Your second picture, the more distant view of West Oak, reminds me of the Connecticut coast at the town of Niantic. There also is a correctional facility in Niantic, though it’s a women’s prison instead of a juvenile hall.

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