TRUMWILL: At the moment, I don’t plan to vote for any Republican this cycle who doesn’t repudiate Trump.
JERRY CALLAHAN: If I’m elected to the State Senate, Unlike my opponent, I will protect our clean water and air by supporting a complete ban on fracking.

TRUMWILL: Hmmm. Well, Larson has my attention now. But still, Trump.

JERRY CALLAHAN: I will fight any and all charter schools to protect our public schools!

TRUMWILL: Trump. Trump. Trump.

JERRY CALLAHAN: While I want to get money out of politics, Erica Larson has an unacceptable fixation on letting non-media people share their political views in the 60-90 days before an election. Vote clean elections, vote Callahan.

TRUMWILL: Well, how much sense does it really make to bundle local and national candidates together? I mean, it’s two different levels of government and state and national Republicans can differ…

JERRY CALLAHAN: My opponent is in the pocket of Big Tobacco, which has recently been targeting our teenagers with e-cigarettes.

TRUMWILL: Are you kidding me?

JERRY CALLAHAN: Larson has a wild plan to relocate the US capital to Nebraska and expand the US House to 6,000 seats. What a nut. Vote sanity, vote Callahan.



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  1. I recently saw a “debate” (it was more of a shouting match) on “Big City Tonight” between the Dem and GOP candidates for comptroller. The Dem was was way too annoying and dishonest in her arguments while the GOP was almost as dishonest but not quite annoying. I lean toward the GOP person. But the Dem played the Trump card and the GOP person refused to denounce Trump. She didn’t play the “I support the nominee” card, but the “I’m a state officeholder and it doesn’t matter who I support for president” card.

    So…..what should I do? The libertarian, who seems to have no chance of winning, is to my knowledge the only one of the four people running who is a CPA with an MBA in accounting. (I don’t know about the Green guy’s credentials.) But I do think the GOP candidate would be marginally better than the Dem.

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