There are some things that you don’t quite realize how much you use until you don’t have it anymore.

That would be my sideview mirror, which apparently broke last night. Probably had something to do with the snow and ice that accumulated last night.

The mirror is stuck looking down at the street. I tried pushing it up but I couldn’t get it to look anywhere but down. It was in a weird, not-obvious way, too. It didn’t look like it was looking down except when I was looking at it from the driver’s seat. But I’d push it up and it’d look right back down. Further complicating things was the fact that my window was also stuck in the upward pose. So each time I wanted to manually push the mirror, I had to either reach around it or get out of the car.

I figured that there was some ice in there that was preventing the window from going down and the mirror from looking up. A little movement and I figured that it would both would be mobile again. Unfortunately, the window didn’t budge, which meant that I couldn’t push the mirror around while driving. As luck would have it, according to my GPS I spent about an hour of my commute not moving, which provided me ample opportunity to tinker with it.

I heard a crunch sound when I pushed the mirror around, so I doubt it’s ever going to look upwards again. I would say that the mirror wouldn’t move no matter how hard I tried, but after the crunchy mirror I decided that I would just let it be. Better it be stuck up than down. Besides, not like there are a whole lot of days right now where I want the wind blowing through my hair as I cruise in the sun.

That mirror, though, has turned into a real pain in the posterior.

The window on the driver’s side is also stuck in the Up position.

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4 Responses to Objects In The Mirror May Appear Like Concrete

  1. Peter says:

    Some things in life are surprisingly inexpensive.

    Car mirrors are not among them. Sorry.

  2. trumwill says:

    Looks like the cost of the mirror is $50+shipping if I can figure out how to install it myself. That’s more reasonable than I would have expected. Of course, if I can’t install it, it’ll probably be between the $100-150 I originally estimated.

    The thing I’m worried about is the window roller. I suppose the good news is that if it’s too much, I can just leave it be unless we move to a warmer climate and the AC breaks.

  3. Barry says:

    I’m still continually in shock by the fact that you often have an hour or more in your commute of sitting still. Or an hour or more period, really. I mean, I know –redacted– is a big city, but my commute’s about 20 minutes in Knoxville and there’s never any traffic. It’s a fortunate happenstance owing to my office moving much closer to my home, and down an interstate spur that rarely has much traffic, but still.

    Ever thought of moving closer? Much, much closer? Or are the neighborhoods near –redacted– prohibitively expensive?

    Your story the other day of the 5+ hour snow commute still has me shaking my head in amazement… 😉

  4. trumwill says:

    The morning commute has been worse than usual this week. Two and a half hours yesterday morning and a bit after two hours this morning (which would have been longer had I taken the direct route). Usually it’s stop-and-go for about 45 minutes but never stopped long enough to get out and throw the frisbee around.

    Can’t move because my wife lives in the town where we work. Within walking distance, conveniently enough. Since she works more hours, I get to spend more time in the car.

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