I commented a week or two back that the question of whether or not Sarah Palin was the mother of her alleged youngest son could largely be settled in the next couple of weeks. If Bristol Palin gave birth to her kid on schedule, that would make it virtually impossible that she was Trig’s mother as well. I even went as far as to say that if something happened with the pregnancy, such as a miscarriage, an extremely late birth, or an on-time birth of an extremely small baby, that I would lend more weight to the notion that the whole thing was a hoax to throw people like me off. I wondered out loud if Half Sigma would admit that he might be wrong if the baby arrived healthy and on time.

Apparently not. The baby arrived Saturday, but Half Sigma finds it suspicious that it took three whole days for the announcement to go public. Further, he says, there is no proof that Trig is Sarah’s even if it is not Bristol’s and that Tripp, the new baby, is Bristol’s at all. Here is the problem with each of the theories:

If Trig is neither Sarah’s nor Bristol’s, whose is it? This actually provides an excellent opportunity for Half Sigma, Andrew Sullivan, and others. Find the mother! Sullivan thinks that asking potshot questions qualifies him as a journalist. How about doing a little more investigative journalism than asking the Palin campaign to do it for you! Now there’s also the question: What’s the motive? Previously it was to cover up Bristol’s unwed pregnancy, but if Trig wasn’t Bristol’s the issue is moot. It wasn’t to get elected governor of Alaska because she already was governor of Alaska. Why go through the whole charade? That’s a lot of risk with comparatively little upside.

If Tripp is not Bristol’s, whose baby is it? This provides the same excellent opportunity. Should be easier considering the increased scrutiny the Palins have been under. Even if it was the case that everybody in on the alleged switch of Trig’s maternity, this time around everybody involved (including the mother) has a strong financial incentive to spill the beans. This time the entire pregnancy has been under watch. Even though in this case the motive would be clear, the opportunity isn’t.

Of course, in the event that the Palins did manage to pull off this stunning deception, that would mean that Half Sigma is still wrong. Well, we already knew he was wrong because the story up until it was disprovable was that the baby was Bristol’s. But even if we overlook that he’s wrong again. If the Palins did successfully pull this diabolical scheme off, they cannot be remotely as dumb as Half Sigma has suggested.

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  1. Peter says:

    One thing we can be sure of is that the Sigster will find a way to keep his Palin obsession going strong no matter what.

  2. Barry says:

    Well, at this point now especially that Sarah Palin is no longer in the national spotlight it’s really None of Our Business.

    And it was actually None of Our Business in the first place. Since the whole question of whether Trig was her natural baby or not had no basis in anything except speculation from the beginning, the story should have died a long time ago.

    Like you say, bloggers and “journalists” like Sullivan and Half Sigma don’t dig for answers, they throw around suspicions and innuendo as if they were legitimate questions and hope they’ll stick in their readers’ consciousness. Which serves to contribute to a general mistrust of someone in the other party.

    Now that the campaign is over, let it go. Obama/Biden won, McCain/Palin lost – there’s no point in caring whose baby is or was whose anymore. As if there were in the first place.

  3. Kirk says:

    The Palin baby conspiracy is so weird that I hope it keeps going. It would make a great show for “Coast to Coast,” with George Noory.

    Half Sig should definitely give that show a ring.


  4. Webmaster says:

    I personally lend more credence to theories of Obama’s nonqualification for the Presidency, than any of this “Sarah palin secret child” nonsense.

  5. trumwill says:

    I think that theories about Palin’s paternity and Obama’s citizenship are both products of the same paranoia and need to believe that political figures that we don’t care for are not just flawed but wholly illegitimate or even evil.

  6. Abel says:

    Tell Half Sigma someone will meet him behind the grassy knowl and reaveal to him who shot JFK, introdue him to the Roswell alien, and the parents of this baby.

  7. Transplanted Lawyer says:

    I think a more interesting topic than Trig Palin’s “true” parentage is Half Sigma’s bizarre obsession with the extraordinarily banal Palin family.

  8. Peter says:

    Tell Half Sigma someone will meet him behind the grassy knowl and reaveal to him who shot JFK, introdue him to the Roswell alien, and the parents of this baby.

    Not to mention full details on the Roswell alien being preserved at Area 51.

  9. Spungen says:

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a reality-based assessment from Half Sigma. He is one of those men who will never change his mind or admit he’s wrong about any significant point. He appears to consider it a sign of weakness.

  10. Peter says:

    I wish I knew what was up with Siggy. What with his Palin fetish, occasional forays into HBD, and now the comment moderation, he’s become far less interesting to read. It used to be a much better site when he did a lot of social analysis postings.

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