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6 Responses to Haha, It’s Funny Because He’s Assaulting SMOKERS!! Haha.

  1. Early in the video I thought it was just a skit punning on fire + cigarettes + firefighters. But it actually seems to be more like he’s attacking real people, evidenced by some of them fighting back. And yet, I’m still not convinced this isn’t all staged. If it is staged, I’d say it’s mildly amusing until the pun exhausts itself in the first 30 seconds or so.

    (((Maybe if I did more research on it I could find the answer.)))

  2. greginak says:

    Could be staged but still makes me want to hit Remi with a bat…several times. Assuming this is straight up he is a massive douchebag. And i’m not a smoker and my mom died of a kind of lung cancer from smoking and the cig companies are pretty much a real life example of Evil big business.

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