quenkyle: Any plans for Thanksgiving?

trumwill: None, actually. My wife is working the overnight.

quenkyle: So what are you going to do?

trumwill: Not sure, which is why I have none plans. I saw a light billboard that said that there was a buffet at the Sandlot Casino.

quenkyle: Sounds fun!

trumwill: Yeah, but I’m kind of anti-gambling, so that may be a problem.

quenkyle: Could be. So why would you go to a casino if you don’t gamble?

quenkyle: Come to think of it, why would anybody go to a casino on Thanksgiving? If you’re spending Thanksgiving gambling, you have some pretty serious problems.

trumwill: Someone should go to the casino on Thanksgiving and hand out fliers for Gamblers Anonymous. Anybody there on T-Day needs it more than anybody.

quenkyle: Not as much as someone that’s there on Christmas.

trumwill: Good point.

quenkyle: Actually, what someone needs to do is go to a casino on Christmas and hand out fliers for their pawn shop.

trumwill: I’ll bet a pawnshop next to a casino makes some pretty good money.

quenkyle: Totally.

trumwill: Of course, there are some heavier operating expenses. The real estate can’t be cheap. Nor the melatonin.

quenkyle: Melatonin?

trumwill: Yeah, cause if you’re buying off the last bits of property from gamblers on Christmas, you’ll need something to help you sleep at night.

quenkyle: True.

trumwill: I don’t see as many pawn shops out here as I did in Delosa. Of course, seemed like the pawn shops in Delosa made a lot of their money on selling guns. I’ll bet Cascadia has stricter requirements on that.

quenkyle: That’s a shame. Lots of money to be made selling guns to gamblers at a casino on Christmas Day.

trumwill: How much melatonin would you need then?

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3 Responses to IM: Guns, Gambling, & Turkeys

  1. Peter says:

    Going to a casino on Thanksgiving and especially Christmas is not as weird an idea as it might seem and wouldn’t necessarily interfere with “normal” celebration of the holidays. Once you’re done with dinner, and with the opening of the presents on Christmas, there’s usually a lot of time left in the day. There are football games on Thanksgiving, but not everyone’s into that, and I’ve heard that the games scheduled for this year are pretty lame.

  2. Kirk says:

    I would think that going to a casino during the holidays would be the perfect thing for single people. What else is there to do? Sit around the apartment and eat ravioli straight out of the can without even bothering to heat it up?

  3. trumwill says:

    You guys are probably right that the casino in the holidays is not as desperate as my initial thought of it was. If nothing else they probably get a lot of business from people visiting family in the area that come from places that don’t have casinos so accessible. I know that I tried to use a local casino to get Mom to visit us in Deseret.

    I don’t know. Even in regular circumstances I find casinos to be eerie and depressing places. Whether that’s the cause of effect of my discomfort with legalized gambling is unsure.

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