Once upon a time, there was a post here. This post was written a year ago, when it was standard procedure to forward-date posts. Unfortunately, the post was forgotten about and one year later, up it went while I was out watching a movie. Oops. It was never supposed to go up. Sorry for the confusion.

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2 Responses to No Good Deed…

  1. DaveinHackensack says:

    ? Why did you want to post this a year ago but not now?

  2. trumwill says:

    It was one of those that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post or not. There are some that are on the borderline of acceptability either because they fall into one category or another (too politically-charged, too boring, give away too much about my personal life or about the locations of the places I’m talking about). So if I’m going to put it up, I’ll time it more carefully. Typically, if it’s been sitting there for a month or two I just delete it. In this case, I forgot to delete it.

    This is the second post to get through in the manner. Now I post-date it 10 years, so it’s possible that ten years from now I’ll have a smattering of embarassing posts.

    Or if I do post it, I time it carefully for a time where I want to shake things up a bit

    I definitely did not want to post it after today’s conversation. Every now and

    I write a number of posts that never end up being posted. When I’m not sure about a post or it’s not ready or something like that, I forward-date it. If I decide not to post it, I get rid of it. In this case, I forgot to get rid of it.

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