Nigel Farage To Tell ‘Brexit Story’ At Trump Rally In Mississippi

He said that just as Brexiteers mobilised a “people’s army”, so too can Mr Trump in the United States.

Mr Farage told the show: “I’m telling a story about Brexit, and it’s a story that if the grassroots Republicans pick up, and if they understand that what they’ve got to do is not just sit in their armchairs, they’ve got to get out, put their walking boots on, deliver leaflets, go out and meet these people in the communities.

“In a sense what I’m saying is that we mobilised a people’s army in the United Kingdom that went out and spoke to everybody and got them down the polls, the same thing can happen here.”

1) Trump shouldn’t be in Mississippi.

2) Foreign politicians should not campaign in American elections. Even if no “endorsement” per se.

3) Presidential nominees should not invite foreign secessionists into Confederate States. Ever.Photo by Gage Skidmore

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2 Responses to Three Things About Farage in Mississippi

  1. RTod says:

    4. People need to start understanding that people reading a “too close to call” set of polls is not the same thing as polls everywhere that you don’t happen to like being wrong.

    5. Presidential campaigns who are behind and trying to catch up should stop trying to have celebs most of the country think are bat-s**t crazy (Farage, Alex Jones, Milo,Dennis Rodman, Gary Busey) stump for them at rallies. It does the opposite of “help the candidate.”

    • trumwill says:

      I agree on #4 and have been pressing that issue for a while. The polling wasn’t wrong. If you want a case where the polling is wrong, look at the previous general election.

      I agree on #5 but don’t think Farage is on that list as far as most Americans are concerned.

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