Maybe it’s because I believe in the message of finding contentment in the marvels of modern society, but I thought this was laugh-out-loud funny:

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  1. Kirk says:

    It wasn’t too long ago that hurricane Charlie tore through Florida just south of here, hitting land at Port Charlotte. I would tune in the country station from there (WIKX, which comes in clear as a bell here, fwiw) and they would talk about how most of their roof was gone, they were running on a generator, and their phones were down.

    The TV news ran a story on that station. It showed the d.j.’s on the air. They were taking calls by simply holding a cell phone up to the mike, and conversing that way with callers so that listeners could hear. For days on end their programming consisted of nothing but news on where you could get ice, water, and food. I think it was two weeks before they started playing music again.

    Anyway, on the day immediately following Charlie, the power here kept slamming off and on, in a way that I’d never seen. You could actually hear it go “boom,” as it went off, then “boom” again as it came back on. It seemed like entire square miles would go dark for seconds at a time. It wasn’t really too much to deal with; it was just a reminder that multiple high-voltage lines criss-crossing the state were down.

    Regardless of the fact that we were never without power for more than maybe two seconds at a time, some guy at the gym cried: “I’m tired of the power cutting off!” He was really whiny about it too.

    I just had to roll my eyes at that. Some people in Port Charlotte ended up being without power for close to a month. Some lost their homes. Just days after Charlie, multiple tornadoes tore through Port Charlotte, tearing up some of the homes that had been left standing.

    This dumb f*** didn’t realize how lucky he was. Charlie had been a Cat 4; it had been making a beeline for this area even before it had crossed Cuba, kept coming straight, as if it had really wanted to cream my apartment complex, and then inexplicably just turned east at the last moment.

    Anyway, your video reminded me of that. About flying, I think Dennis Miller mentioned getting bitchy about the plane being out of his brand of vodka, just when the pilot announced: “We’re now crossing over the area where the Donner party committed cannibalism….”

  2. trumwill says:


    I’m sure there are places in southern Mississippi after Katrina and on the Texas coast that wouldn’t mind having had to contend with periodic power blips. Then again, if they didn’t know that the alternative was their house turning to rubble, they’d probably be whining all the same. There’s something about the little things sometimes that bring out the worst in us while the big things can cause us to sober up.

  3. Abel says:

    That was hilarious. 🙂

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