FalStaff, for a while, had its own Tamale Lady. The idea of someone taking orders and selling tamales was not new to me. In fact, it reminded me of a couple employers back in Delosa that had similar arrangements. For reasons a bit too complicated to get in to, after an email flap a few months back the relationship with the Tamale Lady was severed and she was no longer allowed to sell to us. I discovered this a few weeks ago when I asked when she might be back around.

I got a call yesterday from the lead receptionist, asking me to come out front. There was the tamale lady, asking if I could covertly go around and collect orders for her. Though she couldn’t sell them via email-and-delivery, she could set up her food bus across the street and sell us our orders. So I spent a good part of yesterday secretly asking people if they wanted tamales and telling them not to tell anybody as if we were dealing with nuclear secrets.

I had such fun doing it that it became clear that they don’t give me enough actual work here to be doing.

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