okayfinehillaryiguessWe’re going to need more sanitaria.

Most sheriffs and police chiefs are on board with concealed carry. Granted, most serve over rural areas (Los Angeles County and Beaverhead County each get one sheriff) and that skews the numbers.

Maybe WASP values had their place, and we’re less than we could be without them.

We’ll have to pass the bill before we know what’s in it, of course, but some are concerned that Hillary Clinton’s tuition plan may backfire.

Are video games taking young men out of the workforce? Well, that’s better than turning them into psycho-murderers I guess? Anyway, some serious reflection on the voluntarily unemployed.

Branko Milanovic looks at populism in the international context, from Trump to Putin. And China!

The people of Windsor, Canada, are living with an unpleasant sound possibly coming from an industrial island, but no one is sure what to do about it.

Brutalism for architecture yes, but for websites no please.

Things like this aren’t really helping the pro-immigration cause. Or maybe they are, if they do successfully convince people reoffend rates are lower than they evidently are.

wizardbenfranklinEconomists investigated the notion that sex tends to make people happy by trying to encourage some couples to have more sex, and it did not make them happier.

Pork rectums, it turns out, need to be deboned and inverted before they can be sold.

Given that a lot of sign language is spoken-language related, and that some of the affectations used in sign language relate to culture, it’s not surprising that sign language isn’t global.

It doesn’t take much to impact people’s beliefs towards the non-existence of climate change. Also, how repeated falsehoods become truths.

So… what exactly is Mountain Dew?


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  1. I’ve never studied sign language, but I’ve taken a couple of linguistics classes and one thing I learned was that non-native-born users of a sign language often have the equivalent of “foreign accents” when they try to learn the signing language.

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    I used to live on Mt Dew. Can’t anymore, tears up my stomach. Haven’t touched it in years. Every once in a while, I can stomach a Mello Yello.

    • Brandon Berg says:

      Mountain Dew specifically? That seems odd. Have you been checked for gastritis? That can progress to cancer if left untreated.

      • Oscar Gordon says:

        No, most sodas do it if I drink more than one or two in a day. Mt. Dew just gets it done before I finish the can.

    • I used to love Mt. Dew and Mellow Yellow, but I can’t stand them anymore. I guess the only reason is that my tastes have changed.

    • fillyjonk says:

      Food coloring in it? I discovered this spring I have to avoid Red 40. (Stomach upset – which is weird, the usual “anti Red 40” comments are about it making kids hyper)

      • Oscar Gordon says:

        More than possible. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tended to avoid (not consciously, just as part of eating better) such food dyes, so I’ve probably lost any tolerance I may have had.

  3. Aaron David says:

    I initially read the first link as Santeria, which works too, I guess.

  4. dand says:

    What happens if control of the senate hinges on a runoff with David Duke as the Republican?

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