thisisagameLike it or not, Maajid Nawaz really was a Muslim, and liberals can’t let Trump have the issue.

The race to determine the motive of the Orlando shooter hasn’t been a fun ride. Everybody thinks everybody else looks silly because the newest revelation makes it so obvious.

Breaking: If you have a clean record you can easily buy a gun. Relatedly, this might be misleading. I know at least two people who have firearm dealership licenses simply so they can buy, sell, and trade for their collection, rather than being meaningful dealers in the way that people imagine.

Avi Woolf’s piece on political correctness is a little too blaming-the-outsiders-for-Trump, but otherwise a solid perspective.

The calm, sensible period is going away. Replaced by a lot of needless overpunctuation. Somewhere in here is a metaphor for the Republican Party.

Gawker may get out of the Hogan payout with some creative bankruptcy.

riflesassaultCool: A london startup is helping Mongolian nomads get their mail.

Poland is apparently cracking down on the whole Internet Freedom thing.

Trevor Aaronson argues that the FBI’s “pursue every lead” policy actually helped the Orlando shooter slip away.

Education does police officers good. Or perhaps more accurately, having educated officers does police departments good.

Limiting flavors and taxing ecigarettes is a good way to reduce ecigarette use. Among current smokers, at least.

I always thought the GoBots origin was way more interesting than Transformers. Cracked has a list of dark toy origin stories.

firearmsmurderrateWe’ve moved around a lot and will probably move at least one more time. Which I hate because I’m tired of moving. Going forward, I worry more about this.

The physical (as opposed to voice) actor for ALF died. I didn’t know they even had an actor. I thought the few times they couldn’t use a puppet, they just had a rent-a-child-actor in there. (Does anyone else remember the trauma-inducing conclusion to that show’s run? Holy hell.)

Race relations in the US are, compared to the rest of the world, pretty good and getting better.

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3 Responses to Linkluster CDLXXXIV

  1. fillyjonk says:

    In re: ALF

    “Does anyone else remember the trauma-inducing conclusion to that show’s run?”
    *raises hand*

    There never really WAS a resolution, as I remember – the series ended on a cliffhanger that never got “fixed.”

    (I was a young teen when ALF was on and I confess I was a big fan)

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    When you are a kid, you kinda know those twisted back stories, but the full implications just don’t quite gel in your head.

    • fillyjonk says:

      I think also because (most) kids have experienced less real loss, upset, and true trauma, maybe they are less easily scared? I remember reading The Hobbit at about eight and my dad asking me if I didn’t find parts of it “scary.” I was baffled at the time – what was scary about that book?

      When I reread it in my 40s, I found the scenes where Bilbo was underground (especially) claustrophobic and some of the “danger” scenes far more harrowing than I remembered them – even though I knew that at least Bilbo made it out okay.

      I think kids are way more resilient than tired old adults are. Though maybe they are also more naive and can “blip” over some of the worse implications, as you implied.

      (Fairy tales. I had “The Red Fairy Book” as a child and the real, old, un-Disneyfied fairy tales are pretty full of horror and gore)

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