penguinVerizon’s former pitchman, Paul “Can you Hear Me Now” Marcarelli, has gone with Sprint. Verizon’s response was to concede that Sprint’s network probably is as good as Verizon’s was in 2002. Anyway, I miss the X-Files guy more.

It turns out, when the chips are down, doctors die like the rest of us do.

Good news! The rent isn’t quite so damn high anymore. Actually it is, but it’s getting higher at a lower rate, and that’s something.

What? NO!

US versus Canada, the final smackdown.

Buzzfeed may no longer be accepting ads from the GOP, but Washington Free Beacon wants you to know it will not discriminate.

You can practically see the Deseret cultural borders.

You can practically see the Deseret cultural borders.

James Pethokoukis takes issue with the recent release about the US being the 41st most entrepreneurial nation in the world.

Priceonomics looks at female rulers before feminism, where queens may (or may not) have been more warhawky than their king counterparts.

The thermodynamics formula for calories consumed and burned doesn’t work. Why not?

Tim Harford writes of the real costs of opportunity costs and the power of no.

Space and gravity how do they work?

Of course treadmills got their start as a torture device. Of course they did.

Once we get rid of the Confederate emblem on Mississippi’s flag, and the Union Jack on Hawaii’s, I want to go after state seals next. Relatedly, here are some great and terrible flags of cities in Texas.

Is the problem with psychodelics just dosage?

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13 Responses to Linkluster Syracuse

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    I love the space article (an oldie, but still).

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    Also, the thermodynamic equations for calories works well enough, but it’s a GIGO kind of problem.

  3. Michael Cain says:

    Sort of related to flags, I enjoy articles that rank state flags. I have seen Colorado’s ranked everywhere from worst-five to best-five, apparently at random.

    • trumwill says:

      I only typically see it near the top. If someone put it at the bottom, it’s probably because of the C. I know some of them don’t like letters.

      • trumwill says:

        Had a dream last night that involved this exchange and the Colorado flag. Without realizing it, they’d apparently changed the flag to a blue and white one with just a C in the middle. (White background, blue C and blue corners. Most tragically, the C was in a serif font.

  4. dand says:

    Uncle Steve looked at the unemployment rate in the areas where crops are supposedly rotting in fields because of a labor shortage. Rich liberals become shills for big business if identity politics is involved.

  5. ScarletNumber says:

    R Tod Kelly goes off of the deep end Over There.

  6. ScarletNumber says:

    R Tod Kelly goes off of the deep end Over There.

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