flyLate last year, Jesse Singal of NYMag wrote of the left’s war on social science, citing trans researcher Alice Dreger. Last week Dreger had a piece pulled from Feminist Current after an uproar.

Last year, Max Fisher looked at the potential Third World War.

An interesting look at the relationship between intelligence and heredity.

Whenever I think that eventually people will come around on ecigarettes because the truth will win out, I remember Snus.

Attention Mr Blue! A great New Yorker article on the Spanish Civil War, and the Americans who fought in it.

The heartwarming story of a penguin and a prosthetic foot.

Sara Miller Llana looks at the relationship between religion and support for Brexit.

France’s labor strikes are intensifying. Partially in response to this, President Hollande is suffering from some of the worst approval ratings I have ever seen. One poll has him down to 5%.

Following up on the Thiel/Gawker story, Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry gives a French perspective, and Marc Randazza falls squarely on Thiel’s side.

Donald Trump, it turns out, is not always wrong.

I don’t know if Milo Yiannopoulos is a neo-Nazi, but I do suspect he would find himself doing alright under a fascist regime.

I can understand why Reid has to research Massachusetts’s senate vacancy procedures, since they change the rules whenever the governorship changes hangs. Maybe with a Republican governor, they’ll have the interim elected by state legislature.

This sort of thing has kind of become a thing on Twitter. Not on retweets as here, but the Trump Egg has been replaced by the Trump Supporter With The First Image That Shows Up If You Google Black Guy In A Suit.

Aaron Carroll looks at some negative statistics for home births and takes the very sound view that rather than just discouraging them we ought to make them safer. Amy Tuteur responds.

Amber Lapp says that religions are not doing a good job of making people in non-prescribed family formations welcome, which she says is a problem because that’s where it could be most needed.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Yamatai Temples

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    The 2nd Dreger link goes to the same place as the first.

    Also, Aaron Carroll blurb has no link.

    • trumwill says:

      Thanks, the second half of the Carroll blurb (including the link) was missing. The other one fixed, too (with a link to the pulled article, published at another location).

  2. Brandon Berg says:

    The article about the heredity of intelligence is a decente overview, but vaguely hints at a key point without actually spelling it out: Adult IQ is one of those traits I mentioned a while back that are dominated by genes and non-shared environment, with little to no contribution from shared environment, at least within the range of home environments seen in wealthy nations. So, yes, environment matters, but not the kind of environment that is typically assumed to be important.

    Also, 60% is on the low end, I think. The literature reviews I’ve seen attributed 70-80% of variation to genetics. It may be that the ones I saw were non-representative, though.

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