Hey, look, the Phillippines may be electing someone worse than Trump. I vaguely wonder if there is any cultural relationship between this and the Northern Mariana Islands going so hard for Trump in the primary.

Some Pacific Islands are sinking! But maybe not due to climate change.

Halo has been pretty laid back about the coming FDA regs, but now that they’re out, they’re going to court.

This map looks like I would expect it to, with the Northeast ahead of the curve because it’s the northeast and they’ll regulate anything, and Appalachia because they have some of the most pressing problems.

At Unz Review, Anatoly Karlin breaks down Soviet scientists by ethnicity.

A lot of folks on the left talk about Wingnut Welfare, which is the phenomenon where rich right-wingers fund all sorts of think tanks and media. Turns out, BSDI, and lefty outfits team up with the government.

The EPA temporarily debunked claims that weedkillers were causing cancer, before it was quickly retracted.

Some of my rightier friends are getting a kick out of the article on the plight of the college Hillary supporter. Truth be told, I didn’t have it as bad as some did. The left was divided between Gore types and Nader types, the PC of the 80’s/90’s had mostly passed, and the current thing wasn’t a thing yet.

An alternative look at filters and bubbles.

So this is the stuff of a pretty silly sitcom plot: Ten years ago, a taxi driver drove to a TV network for an IT job and ended up on the air as someone else entirely.

It was Amanda Byrnes that really broke me on the subject of celebrity rubbernecking. I really wish Johnny Manziel had stayed in College Station an extra year. It would have been another year of fun.

This… sigh. I do wish that we had a fair and egalitarian way of handling the name thing. My own preference remains for hyphenated household names, he keeps his last name and she keeps hers and names are passed down by gender (by default, but open to mutual agreement).

Is it okay to end a friendship over Trump support? An awful lot depends on the particulars, I think.

Exactly how much does it actually cost Apple to run iTunes? Maybe it’s a lot and maybe Wang is right that they’ll get out of the downloading business, but conflating iTunes with “music downloads” is a bit of a stretch.

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    The filters & bubbles rebuttal seems to depend a lot on self-reported data.

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