Drudge linked to this a while back to a case in Texas wherein a woman was arrested for running a sex operation out of her spa and a cop was fired for having sex with her. It’s a rather bizarre story and unfortunately I can’t quote it lightly, so the blockquotes are probably a tad excessive. It ultimately comes down to a “He said, she said”.

She said:

After an abusive marriage and tragic life in China, SuJun Han believed she had found some hope in Beaumont: a good-paying job and a businessman boyfriend.

The job got her busted and the “boyfriend” turned out to be a cop.

“I’m at the lowest point in my life,” said Han in an interview with The Enterprise last week in Houston. Han was charged with prostitution in May when police raided her VIP Spa in Beaumont.

The 45-year-old China native says she was operating a legitimate business, and the only sexual contact she had was with two men who turned out to be Beaumont officers – and her passionate intercourse with one of them was for love.

Han says the raid three months ago on her VIP Spa added more dark punctuation to a life peppered with abuse from men, including at the hands of a husband who forced her to give away her firstborn daughter.

He Said:

Breiner is one of two officers suspended indefinitely without pay for engaging in sex acts during the undercover investigation. Breiner is the only officer trying to stop the city from suspending him, saying that because he did what he was asked to do, the punishment violated his constitutional rights.

“I don’t agree that he should have had sex. I don’t agree that (Lt. Curtis) Breaux told him he should have sex,” Coffin said.

Breiner has said all along that Breaux told him he would have to have sex with the women to make the case.

Breiner added that the other undercover officers didn’t want to participate in the sting because they didn’t want to have to testify in open court. Also the officers indicated their wives wouldn’t allow it.

Lt. David Kiker is the other officer who was suspended without pay for having sex. Breaux and Sgt. Robert Roberts were suspended five days for failing to notify department heads of the lengths the officers would go to pursue a felony conviction.

Breiner testified to experiencing manual stimulation, oral sex and vaginal penetration with women at two spas.

Assistant City Attorney Joseph Sanders asked Breiner if he enjoyed having sex with the women.

At first he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. At times when Breiner responded to the attorney’s questions, he raised his voice and answered questions with a question.

“If you are asking if I had an orgasm, yes. It was a job, sir,” Breiner said. “I didn’t have pleasure doing this. I was paid to do it.”

Sanders also asked Breiner if he had a problem getting aroused.

“Obviously, you haven’t listened to the tapes. Yes, I did,” Breiner responded.

There’s a saying that the truth usually lies somewhere between… but it’s kind of hard to believe either of these are really telling the truth. Just because I think she’s lying doesn’t mean that I think he’s telling the truth.

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  1. Peter says:

    What were the VIP Spa’s operating hours? If it was open past 10 or 11 pm, it was not a legitimate joint. The same is true if it advertised in the sports pages.

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