Because we’ve been a little low on money right lately, I decided to put off buying my new laptop until we’ve both gotten at least one paycheck. It’s a symbolic gesture, but I’ve found that it’s often good to put a little time between you and the things you want or think you need so that you are reminded that you don’t actually need them.

Her first paycheck has come in and mine comes in on Friday. Plus, now that we have a wireless setup she spends a lot of her time downstairs instead of the computer room and I’d really like my own laptop so that I can join her down there.

In short, it’s time.

So I go to the ThinkPad website and I’ve been rewarded for this good behavior by the fact that the model I was going to get is no longer in production, the replacements are not significantly cheaper (when adjusted for speed), and the web site no longer offers the XP Downgrade CD (meaning that performance on the computer will be worse or the computer a lot more expensive than it would have been if I’d bought it a month ago). I’m hoping that if I call I can get it.

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  1. A4 says:

    Probably not what you are looking for, but has refurbished IBM ThinkPad T42 Notebook with XP for $329.99. Offer good for one day.

  2. trumwill says:

    Honestly, if it had a 15″ monitor I’d probably buy it just to avoid Vista, Widescreen, and going broke. I could even take the RAM from the R32 laptop that just died.

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