honestsignKevin Drum explains why he never warmed up to Bernie Sanders, while Greg Sargent says lay off. Drum responds.

Henry Scanlon’s reasoning on why conservative women are so pretty seems rather specious. But the stereotype does comport with my experience, provided that we are gauging by conventional attractiveness. I have some theories, but none that I can really articulate.

Emmett Rensin’s followup to his original Vox piece on smug liberalism is worth a read. It’s still remarkable to me how many people read his original piece with the objection “Why do we have to be nice to bigots!” when that was very far from what he was saying.

Sheila Tone has written extensively on why she believes Lara Logan is a fraud, but she’s front-and-center on this story about bad folks raping and beating of female journalists abroad.

In the fight on copyright, Noah Berlatsky says that Google is just the champion that we need.

Hey men, marry a smart woman! Your lucidity will thank you for it.

Shaun Brown’s explanation for why men are attracted to crazy has a ring of truth to it.

James Ovenden on the hopes, fears, and weirdness of AI-driven sex.

One of the impressive things from my time as a phone jockey was how call centers really do take all comers.

Let’s see, no backbone and a sense of impending doom. I think the successor to the GOP has found its new mascot!

Weasel 1, Hadron Collider 0.

This reminded me of how surprised I was that they didn’t change the name of House Slithryn to House Snape or House Dumbledore or something.

Texas loves breakfast tacos. How much? More than 400x as much as the rest of the country.

In the online dating world, having an enhanced photo makes you more trustworthy to women, but less trustworthy to men.

Charles Krauthammer explains why doctors are quitting.

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7 Responses to Linkluster DeLand to Real Deltona

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Lara Logan gets a repeat?

  2. Murali says:

    Your first kevin drum link links to the salon case for trump instead of the drum argument against sanders

  3. aaron david says:

    The Emmett Rensin piece does no go.

    Apropo of Egypt, one of my mothers cousins was there during the uprising, working on her PhD on Egyptian musicology. She is going to defending it this summer, at the age of 74.

  4. trumwill says:

    All of the aforementioned goofs have been fixed.

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