canadiancitizenshipThis doesn’t make sense. I’ve been informed repeatedly that the left-wing lurch of young people has nothing to do with youthful exuberance untethered by sufficient life experience.

In Canada, one cost of nationalized health care is that they become more selective about who they let into the country.

Oh, Hillaryoutlawed it.

The progress of unisex bathrooms took a hit at the University of Toronto.

Supporters of raising the minimum wage argue that low minimum wages are a drain on the public coffers. True, though so can high minimum wages.

Excellent: Scott Walker signed a bill allowing for alternative certification for vocational educators.

Resolved, boring and dependable guys are the best.

Massachusetts is going after ITT Tech! The venerable institution decided that, among anything, janitorial work counts as IT because there were computers at the facility.

Though there was a lot to like about Obama’s plan for making colleges accountable, this was the sort of thing I was concerned about. (Now, if we could just incentivizing not allowing weaker students, rather than just poorer ones, that could work.) (But, of course, that runs contrary to certain aspirations.)

I guess I’m glad to know it’s not just American parents who are crazy.

Well this seems about right. As when Rincewind falling off the side of the Discworld, what else is there to do?

I think they certainly have their limitations and liabilities of small-rooms-large-commons housing, but I don’t quite think this level of animosity is justified. And really, to the extent that we can get people to buy in, I think this sort of thing should be encouraged.

Hey, look, every feminist right-wing thought I have ever had about the sexual dynamics of young poeple has just been confirmed. {Somewhat related}

Cool kid problems: According to The Guardian, Portland is experiencing an affordability crisis that could prove to be an existential one.

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5 Responses to Linkluster Leo and Tatianus

  1. oscar.gordon says:

    I dust computers at work, I’m in IT! WooHoo!

    • aaron david says:

      What, with a cloth?

    • trumwill says:

      When I lived in Estacado, I worked briefly for a temp agency. They saw that I had a background in IT and made me an office mover. One of the state agencies was moving from one building to another. My IT background because we were moving office stuff, and that included a lot of computers.

      I was not very good at that job.

  2. oscar.gordon says:

    Wait, did Scott Walker just do something useful for public schools? I’m sure this will be spun as union busting, or something.

    • trumwill says:

      Tune in to tomorrow’s Linky Friday!

      There is an anti-union angle, which is that this bypasses the union-approved method of teachers trainings and de-values colleges of education.

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