makeitalygreatagainBranson’s Virgin America airlines might be gobbled up by Alaska Air. Virgin loyalists will likely be disappointed, but Alaska Air is the best airline around.

Academic tracking is branded as racist by some, but it’s good for minority honor students.

I support localized minimum wages in part because a lot of the jobs affected are not those that can easily be relocated. When you’re talking about a statewide $15/hr minimum wage, though, you’re talking about over 1/3 of the manufacturing jobs in California.

Even if Trump is thwarted, I don’t think I’ll ever forgive the Trumpkins for driving me to vote for Ted Cruz. To be honest, I am still not sure whether he is a phony careerist or a genuine maniac.

If you care about smoking, drinking, and vaping, here’s a helpful index on where in Europe you should live.

Accusations are flying that through “acting workshops,” actors are being forced to pay for auditions. {via Saul}

how-to-hack-an-election/”>hacking elections in Latin America for a while. If the Trump era passes, maybe the GOP should give him a call.

We really, really hate each other. Relatedly, Alan Jacobs riffs off Scott Alexander’s seminal piece on hating the outgroup.

I’ll confess, I was hoping this article would be about Saddam-like body doubles for Ted Cruz.

Melvin Rogers argues that civility matters.

The UK is moving closer to mini-nuclear.

Bren Smith says that seas will save us! Well, more specifically, ocean farming.

Join the Wizard’s Chill Quest. If he’s a wizard, though, why does he need a Kickstarter?

I sort of want to go to this impersonating a Monsanto executive to give Rearden’s speech from Atlas Shrugged.

Vigilantism! With drones! Not sure it’s actual vigilantism, but it’s certainly interesting. Other sex-worker “vigilantism,” though, may be backfiring.

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4 Responses to Linkluster British Solar Farms

  1. Jaybird says:

    My goodness, how I love that Slate Star Codex essay on the outgroup.

    I admit to holding my breath until Fidel Castro dies in anticipation for the breathless essays that will be written about him.

  2. Michael Cain says:

    Re mini-reactors “in the UK”… The SNP’s current position is “no new nukes”. Reports are out this week that 57.7% of the electricity consumed in Scotland in 2015 was from renewable sources. An Iceland/Scotland consortium building an HVDC link between the two and selling excess (beyond what the two need) into the rest of the UK and Europe is becoming more feasible as time goes on.

    What are the odds that England needs to or even just tries to force mini-nukes on Scotland?

    • aaron david says:

      ICBM’s arn’t mini-nukes…

      Just kidding, but considering Germanys “success” with renewables, I will hold my breath.

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