bunnyaxThis fog harvesting contraption made me think of Dune. Which, for whatever it’s worth, I did not really enjoy.

Some folks are surprised that Bernie Sanders did so well in Alaska. They shouldn’t be! Without sarcasm, I will say this: Mineral wealth socialism is the best socialism.

The NCAA may have a “women problem” but women’s basketball is not a good example of that. The NCAA and networks put forth a heroic effort into making women’s basketball a major sport, and it just didn’t take.

Though I haven’t seen the new one, I agree with Jack Butler about how great the animated Superman/Batman movie was. Which may be something of a pattern. Also, Jonathan Last’s run-down on the Batman/Superman history is worth reading.

Cavity-free candy? That’s neat.

Stephen Silver looks at Trump in the context of hate speech and anti-PC.

Frederick Hess writes of the isolation of the conservative academic, and Josh McCabe relays what was said in a symposium on the subject.

How gamergate appropriated anime on Twitter and toxified anime avatars.

Ebb. Flow. Suburbs in, suburbs out, suburbs back in. The domestic migration map is pretty cool, though.

Well, yeah. That’s a part of it, certainly.

Dara Lind is outraged by Ted Cruz’s unAmerican plan to secure Muslim neighborhoods, but Eli Lake says he’s basically describing France. Hopefully, these folks will be able to help.

John Burnett and NPR look at Irish illegal immigrants.

Jesse Singal explores the idea that prosecutions should be literally race-blind.

Wait, the Ego Depletion theory isn’t true? I’ve supported nanny-ish regulation on the basis that people have finite will power. Hmmm.

Is disagreement becoming personal prejudice? I don’t know. What I do know is that if you are ever – ever tempted to tag something as the “last acceptable prejudice”… just don’t.

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7 Responses to Linkluster Central Indiana

  1. Peter says:

    Women’s basketball is always going to be a hard sell because the nature of the sport simply isn’t a good match for women. Fans want to see speed and athleticism that’s generally beyond what even the best women players can manage.

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    Love the fog harvesters, but it felt incomplete without a whiny teenager grousing about power converters and Tachi station.

  3. greginak says:

    Noting the “socialism” of the PFD is always good fun of course. But that link is less then brilliant. Poverty is in no freaking way eliminated in Alaska. Not remotely close. Many people in the Bush get most of their cash for the year from teh PFD which isn’t a hell of lot for a year.

    On a tangent Alaska Natives get medical care through fed/IHS clinics and one big hospital in Anchorage. Without that the uninsured rate in Alaska would be far higher with tens of thousands more people uninsured and disaster in the Bush. The state immensely benefits by having the feds mostly care for the med needs of the Native population because without them Alaska would be severely hampered by having to do. And without health care many villages would be almost impossible to live in.

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