As it turns out, if you make it more difficult to form a hospital, fewer hospitals are formed. Relatedly, rural hospitals are shutting down delivery rooms.runfrombat

Uncle Steve looks at when crime does pay.

Meanwhile, MIT is building a Trumpbot that can sound very Trumpy.

Laurie Penny argues that no, Brits should not Clean for the Queen.

The secrets of salt. Does anyone else remember when George W Bush mentioned that he was reading a book about the history of salt and the author of said book felt the need to denounce him? Good times.

Sometimes differences between couples compliment one another nicely, but not when it comes to impulsivity. Fortunately for the Himmelreich-Truman household, we’re both fuddy-duddies.

Jesse Singal looks at the relationship between sleep and appetite.

The notion of “vaping chic” is dumb as I can’t imagine anyone doing it to look cool. It really doesn’t. Smoking, on the other hand, has a history with cool.

Well, with all of the babies being born in Utah, I suppose this was bound to happen at some point.

Christina Cauterucci looks at the relationship between child care costs and women opting out. One argument is for free day care (which I am more amenable to than you might think), though another is a low-ish level of regulation that makes having more options beneficial (which I am, as one might guess, very amenable to). Whatever the case, it’s not expensive because of how much the childcare workers are being paid.

We’re not yet having these discussions explicitly, but I feel like they’re happening non-verbally with increasing frequency.

Dating sites catfishing clients… it’s not just for Americans.

Here’s an interview with a language inventor.

Good employers are let go or chased off on a regular basis due to employers’ failure to understand this. Also, how cool would it be if more employers understood this?

At NRO, Kevin Williamson says we should let dying communities die.

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3 Responses to Linkluster Steve Jobs Patents

  1. Michael Cain says:

    During the stretch where I was supervising a group of oddball tech geniuses building one-of-a-kind network test equipment, one of the senior managers came shouting into my office about how he had been checking my people’s offices and they were all empty at 9:00 in the morning. “Checked the lab?” I asked. A couple of weeks later he was back because one of the guys wasn’t in either his office or the lab at 9:00. “That’s because he’s here at 10:00 at night, writing critical real-time code, and he does really good work at 10:00 at night. Look, do you want us to do the job or just fill the chairs?”

  2. Peter says:

    In that Atlantic article about hospitals closing their delivery services, the most interesting part is that Medicaid pays for almost half of the births in the United States. I’m sure that certain corners of the Blogosphere would go into a panic over that statistic.

    • trumwill says:

      I forget that people don’t know that! It’s not entirely what it sounds like, though (dysgenics). Medicaid is simply very generous when it comes to expectant mothers, so women who might not qualify otherwise do.

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