Why does Georgia have so many countries? WHY?!

Why does Georgia have so many countries? WHY?!

Matt Yglesias argues that Bernie Sanders is the future of the Democratic Party. Meh. While people may stick to the same party as they age, that doesn’t mean that they don’t shift inside the tent. On the other hand, I think there are a lot of closet Sandersian Democrats in the party going back to the aughts.

Max Fisher (ugh) has a good piece on the risks of unintended war with Russia. While it’s become popular to argue that members of each party are substantively the same (“At least Trump is flexible on economic policies, and Bush got us into Iraq!”) this falls into the category where I believe presidential temperament and philosophies even within a party are really quite important.

Another focal point in the battle over charter schools was opened up in New York with a video of a teacher figuratively ripping apart a first grader and literally ripping apart her paper.

Kevin Drum explains why Bernie Sanders isn’t talking about welfare reform, and how the left is going the way of Fox News.

As the War Against Cigarettes is (allegedly) stalled, Canadian anti-tobacco activists are looking towards more aggressive solutions.

There’s nothing especially new about the argument that we should rethink recycling, but I’m used to hearing it from ornery libertarians and conservatives rather than Vox-types.

Arrh! Return of the Research Pirates.

In an article lamenting the lack of regulation for tax preparation services, Ben Steverman points out that tax preparers actually have a worse track record than amateurs. Some of that may be due to the complexity of the returns they hand.

What would be the effect of a Bloomberg candidacy? Probably negligible, but if Sanders somehow wins the Democratic nomination and Trump (or maybe Cruz) wins the Republican nomination, he could be the biggest third-party candidate since Wallace.

The New York Times explains why the EU is breaking down.

John Likely lost more than half of his body-weight… on fast food.

Elna Baker lost a lot of weight, but then had to deal with a different problem as a lot of excess skin was left behind.

Andres Moreno Sepulveda also lost a lot of weight, through surgery, but then died of a heart attack.

Xenocrypt wants – in addition to a moratorium on the term “the prison population”, more from the “mass incarceration” debate.

Chris Mohney argues that families belong in the suburbs.

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