sortinghatI didn’t know that there was a relationship between Donald Trump and Roy Cohn. Well, I guess they are both Democrats…

It seems that an awful lot of politicians are Slytherins.

Some day, I’d love to write book reviews as good as this one.

Advocate though I am, I would not be surprised if vaping does indeed have negative effects on the immune system. But please, the implication that it’s more dangerous than smoking has got to stop being the “hook.” It’s almost certainly bad for the public health.

When free healthcare coverage isn’t free, it can come out of your estate.

I know what this map is supposed to indicate, but to me it actually indicates that some foreign countries have unexpectedly good education outcomes.

Eric Morath argues for a five-tiered federal minimum wage. Better than a single, aggressive minimum wage, but I’d prefer this be dealt with a lower levels of government.

Do not throw alligators through drive-thru windows. You can, however, eat them for Lent.

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslet looks at a YouGov poll on “sleeping with the enemy” (someone of different political persuasion) and explains why she may kiss a Tory but never marry one and Margaret Corvid explains why political dating websites are good.

Jason Brennan argues that closed border advocacy arguments lend themselves to anti-liberty arguments.

The science of cities is looking at universal rule of business/city growth.

Here’s a novel NIMBY argument: If you build that elevated train, pedophiles will look at our children.

Meghan Neal writes of the tension between term papers and Wikipedia articles. What is the best focus of a brilliant mind, term papers or Wikipedia articles?

The ABA is cracking down on underperforming law schools with simpler-but-tougher bar-passage requirements.

Interesting: For the first time in 35 years, Princeton will accept transfers. Diversity goals is one motivation, athletics another.

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Elevated trains: as arguments go, that one is so weak…

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