Ted Cruz has, to the surprise of nobody, gone negative. His two primary targets are Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. His reasons for attacking Trump are obvious, but his reasons for going after Rubio are two-fold. Against the latter was was the most brilliant ad I’ve seen this cycle. It’s a “Conservatives Anonymous” meeting, wherein conservatives explained how they were taken in by Marco Rubio to their existential lament.

The ad served two purposes. First, to weaken Rubio who is right behind him in the South Carolina polls. Second, though, to pick up his voters. There is a surprising overlap between Cruz supporters and Rubio supporters, in both directions. So if he can pry off a Rubio voter – especially one who views himself or herself as conservative – Cruz stands to benefit. Cruz being Cruz, the only fault in the add is that it was too harsh. The message should have been “You made a mistake. It’s okay. It’s a new day and you can walk the right path.” Instead it mocks them. But even so, it was a really good and cutting ad.

And they’ve pulled it.

I was really quite shocked by this. It was getting a lot of criticism, but good heavens it was brilliant! And since when does Ted Cruz back off from being too mean? Well, it turns out that vinegar wasn’t the problem. Sugar was.

Ah, well.

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  1. Jona says:

    I have been truly blessed by God to live in the State to which Cubans fled in their esacpe from their beloved homeland, which had become a Communist Prison. When I chose to learn Spanish in High School, correctly anticipating that such a skill would be useful in my future military career, God gave me a wonderful Lady. Her name is Corina Rodriguez Garcia Jesus Capote. Her Father was the Cuban Ambassador to Japan during the Batista days. She did a very good job of teaching me her native language. She also did a very good job of teaching us all about the Evils of Communism. It was through her that I first began to understand the nature of the fight of my life and of my lifetime. Thankfully, when she and her family fled Cuba, they came here and here is where she continued the fight of HER life and of her lifetime. She helped raise Warriors in the defense of Liberty.When I see Marco Rubio speak, I see all the qualities of REAL Cuban Manhood on display. He can’t be tripped up because everything is coming straight from the heart and presented with a sharp mind. It has been sharpened by the hand of God for THIS VERY FIGHT since he was a child. He’s been an active participant in all the family conversations around the dinner table over the years that Cuban families are known for. He FULLY understands the nature of the fight we are in. He FULLY understands the Evil we are up against. Combine his lifelong education in this subject matter to the natural born passion of Cuban men. They never love anything incompletely. When you see Senator Marco Rubio defending his Nation, you see a man who fights with the passion of a REAL man defending his Wife or his Mother. Aye, aye, AYE! Much to the chagrin of his opponents, men of Cuban heritage are of natural good health and typically live very long lives, unless put in front of a firing squad. Don’t think that Marco Rubio doesn’t know what the stakes are. Don’t think that he and Mad Brad don’t see aye-aye-aye to aye-aye-aye on lots of stuff.The Sunshine State has voted to office Allen West, Marco Rubio and Debbie Wassercloset Schiltz.WTF?Any bets on which side is going to win?I’m all in!

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