itllgrowbackPew Research looks at the rising tide of animosity between Republicans and Democrats.

A moment of silence for the inventor of the video game console.

Joel Kotkin argues that California has gone conservative.

Jim Edwards argues that rent control bumped a San Francisco artist out of his apartment.

Aaron Carroll reports that medical malpractice suits don’t happen by chance. Which is true for the 16% of physicians that are sued more than once but may not be true of the 84% of doctors that are only sued once. And even then, lawyers may target doctors that have already been sued as a matter of course.

Uncle Steve writes about the honorary nonwhiteness of Alexander Hamilton.

If you fly the Gadsden Flag, you may get the attention of authorities in Utah and the DHS. Seems just a bit overwrought, though, as they’d be looking at a number of things. Still…

Meanwhile, a retired DHS officer says that he was ordered to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties. I’m still evaluating my different gut response to these two things.

Researchers who research vaping probably need to actually talk to vapers about how they actually vape.

Ben Lindy, already vulnerable for participating in Teach For America, almost had his campaign benefits stripped due to a research paper he wrote in college critical of unions, but was given a “second chance.”

Is Lena Dunham a poison pill for liberal feminism?

Theodore Dalrymple looks at eye-to-eye contact.

The son of Soviet dissident immigrants gets a tough lesson about expressing unpopular views.

Tyler Cowen reports that assortive mating is on the rise, returning to Gilded Age levels, and that it’s contributing to inequality. Notably, though, it peaked in 1980 before falling and only recently has starting inching back up.

Elizabeth Nolan Brown explains how museums in Europe are renaming some classics to conform to modern sensibilities. I don’t reject this out of hand, when especially egregious or when they weren’t named by the original artists, but… treat carefully is all.

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  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Ben Lindy: This is why I could never go into politics.

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