Clancy and I took another two day trip to the Oasis on the Hill, which is a water park in Estacado. In addition to all the water rides, one of the things that we do is sit at this particular vantage point and look down at and on everybody while making snide comments about the tattoos they’re sporting and the bathing suits that they’re wearing, among other things. I’ve come to call this little perch the Judgment Point.

One of the observations that Clancy made this time around is girls wearing bikinis that are way too young to be wearing bikinis. I don’t meant early pubescent girls who, right or wrong, at least have something to demonstrate, but rather the pre-pubescent girls. The ones whose breasts are less substantial than their baby fat. I don’t mean fat girls, just girls that that haven’t grown into at least their pubescent figures (lest anyone think to bring it up, this post is not about AOC laws or teenage sex).

I can’t disagree with what she is saying, though I found a tangential thing that she brought up interesting because it was something that I hadn’t thought about.

I’ve always considered the one-piece bathing suit to be the standard and a bikini to deviate from that standard for the point of showing off. That’s one of the things that fueled my previous comments about how poorly some women perceive their bodies and think that bikinis are the optimal bathing suit even when they’re not. But bikinis it would seem offer more than just the ability to show off. Clancy pointed out that it’s much easier to use the restroom with a two-piece than a one-piece and that this could be important for younger girls that haven’t mastered control of their excretory systems yet. Logistically that’s so obviously true I can’t believe that I never considered it before.

Of course, she also pointed out that there are some types of bathing suits for younger girls that allow for the easy restroom usage without showing off the tummy. So I guess my earlier points still stand. It would seem to me that there are so many different ways that women can dress their bodies up in bathing suits. It remains such a tragedy that so many of them hover around one or two types whether it accentuates their positives or their negatives.

Then again, it’s worth pointing out that all of this is yet more demonstration of the pressure that women are under when it comes to presenting themselves. For most guys that really don’t care so much, it’s really nice only having a couple options.

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3 Responses to More Judgment at the Oasis

  1. Gannon says:

    It’s probably just fashion. As long as the inferior piece is not a tanga, I don’t know what the problem is. In Argentian you would die seeing girls as young as 10 using tangas. Tanga is a thong which only has a string for the behind.

  2. trumwill says:

    It’s mostly a matter of taste. I just don’t think that two-pieces are flattering on pre-pubescent girls and I think that it oversexualizes early-pubescents that haven’t filled out yet.

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