vandalismHere’s a cool time lapse video of the snow in Central Park.

How Norway turned on immigration.

Laura Jean Schneider argues that the federal grazing system doesn’t support good land managements.

I’ve long known, or at least suspected, the the right’s fixation on terminology and defining conservatism would haunt it. I didn’t think the one to discover this fault would be, of all people, Donald Trump.

Relatedly, David Frum’s piece on conservative identity and conservative ideology is worth reading.

AT&T is moving further away from using operators. I didn’t know they even still had them.

The Canadian Senate is so weird.

Obama had some tough-ish words for HBCUs, and they didn’t go unnoticed. HBCUs have many of the same struggles as community colleges and even for-profits, though often get a lot more sympathy than the latter from some, and a lot less from others.

Autocomplete makes for a pretty killer online dating profile.

Did the wind industry rig the noise rules on wind turbines?

How Joel Dreyer went from a respected psychiatrist to a major drug dealer.

While height works more or less the way you might expect, obese men and women have more sexual partners than their normal-weight counterparts.

Maybe it’s not a name your considering for your kid, but a brand!

Opposites don’t attract. I like how the article confirms what I’ve previously said about women insisting on a greater degree of similarity than men.

A biotech firm seeks to flood the Chinese market with 3D-printed rhinocerus horns to undercut the poaching trade.

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  1. Michael Cain says:

    The federal grazing system link goes to a story about putting sex offenders’ status on their passports. Which is worth it’s own entry, properly identified.

  2. Peter says:

    That report on height/weight and sexual partners is hopelessly flawed because it (no doubt necessarily) relies on self-reported activity. Men claim far more partners than they’ve actually had and women claim far fewer. If a man says he has had 10 sexual partners he probably has had five, while if a woman says five she has had ten.

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