trumpsignA glance at the twelce categories of email in the inbox of Melissa Click, she of “I need some muscle over here!” fame.

I wonder what, if anything, has changed from this 2002 article on ticket pricing.

Eric Bolling apparently believes that Sesame Street is all about left-wing communism.

Well, the plaintiffs didn’t get much of anything, but at least the lawyers got paid handsomely.

I am fascinated by the prospect of a Dirk Gently TV series, though bummed if it takes place in the USA.

Nautilus looks at the mathematics and psychology of the lottery, and Chidike Okeem argues that anti-lottery zealotry is errant, hubristic, and puritan.

Andrew Stiles is not very impressed with political dating apps. I… can’t work up too much outrage. If it’s a dealbreaker and/or something important to you, go for it. Compatible value systems are important, and if politics is a part of that value system… well, a dealbreaker in a spouse isn’t the same thing as a dealbreaker for friendship. Also, things that make me glad I’m not young and single.

The University of Idaho remains on an island in FBS football with little opportunity to find its way into a regionally appropriate football conference. As such, they run the risk of being the first football program to drop to FCS. New Mexico State may not be far behind.

What’s the opposite of an uplifting sports story? This is the opposite of that.

If you need an elderly woman for a photo op and don’t have one, it’s a bad idea to dress a man for the part, it turns out.

Jacob Heilbrunn argues that Germany was right to allow republication of Mein Kampf.

Camestros Felapton explains that no, the Nazis were not leftists.

City Journal has an interesting look at how Christchurch (NZ) rebuilt itself after an earthquake.

Why the trip to seems to take longer than the trip back from.

Thought we may have the ability, in the future we may not need to remember so many complicated passwords. I still can’t get over that a college football message board requires more complicated passwords than does my bank.

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  1. Peter says:

    People have been claiming Sesame Street is leftist propaganda ever since it first started.

  2. Brandon Berg says:

    Interestingly, none of the “threats” featured in the article on emails to Click were actually threats. That is, they expressed a desire that something bad would happen to her, or that she deserved something bad to happen, but none of them actually expressed intent to harm her in any way.

    I wonder how often this is the case when people claim to have received death threats. Does these even qualify as threats, legally?

    • trumwill says:

      I suspect from a legal standpoint, comparatively few of them do. But I wouldn’t wager against it being a non-negligible number, in higher-profile cases. (Then again, Click was a high-profile case.)

  3. Abel Keogh says:

    As a Big Sky football follower (there are about 10 of us in the entire country), Idaho needs to eat it’s humble pie and rejoin the conference it left. It tried to be Boise State but failed. To be honest, they were a powerhouse when they were a Big Sky member. Considering their market, an FCS move would be good for them.

    • trumwill says:

      What really might have helped Idaho along is the Big Sky taking a different track when they expanded. Montana and Montana State wanted to add North Dakota State and South Dakota State when they made the transition up to FCS. From there it would have been easy to add UND and USD. Having six other flagship and land-grant schools in the Big Sky probably would have made the conference more attractive. Instead, regionality won and it has a lot more lesser schools in terms of desirability.

      What Idaho needs now is for the Mountain West Conference to get raided, presumably by either the Big 12 or (more likely) the AAC. If the AAC were to take a handful of schools, Idaho and New Mexico State would be very high on the list of additions if only because they could join almost immediately. If either of them go down to the FCS level, though, they will lose that critical advantage and are likely to be in line somewhere behind Montana, UC-Davis, and Cal Poly.

      Which is the threat if they do go down. They lose their privileged spot when/if things start shaking again. Which I believe is the main motivation for trying to stick it out. If it becomes apparent that it’s simply not going to happen, or they just can’t afford to wait, I do suspect they will make the drop.

      • Abel Keogh says:

        The smaller schools were against adding more powerhouses as it would give Montana and a few of the other big schools all the more reason to bold and form their own conference at some point in the future.

  4. aaron david says:

    That Camestros Felapton article is pretty weak, most consisting of “I don’t like your arguement as I like leftist politics” which is not to say that NS isn’t leftist, but he doesn’t prove it. The argument of nazis being left/right is one of mostly personal dislike of the other team, and they are always Fascist, unlike my team.

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