gainweight“[T]hese reports do help us see the way our journalists can see one glass half full, while the other glass is disastrously half empty. These reports can help us puzzle over the way journalistic frameworks are used.”

Megan McArdle says that Jessica Jones cheated at feminism and wonders whether we can have kick-ass women who aren’t just guys with different parts.

Erik Root gives an account of how West Liberty University is divested itself of conservatives.

Tiny Fey doesn’t seem to understand that the Vox is not finished talking to her about comedy and political correctedness.

As Japan avoids a recession, Scott Sumner is declaring Abenomics a success against his expectations.

Heaven help us: The Snake People are now the largest generational voting bloc. Ah, well, at least they support gun rights.

At the New Reform Club, Seth Barrett Tillman asks an interesting question of justice, crime, and citizenship.

When democracy is a “situation.”

Of course the British are figuring out how to arm a British astronaut with tea.

Howard University may sell its public TV spectrum. Southern Tech’s is basically a husk for PBS. Which is fine for TV, though I’m kind of bummed that there is no campus radio network.

Barton Swaim, of The Speechwriter fame, writes The Perfect Republican Stump Speech.

Hate crime hoaxes are not just an American thing (or a leftist one). A teacher who alleged a Daesch school attack invented it, it turns out.

Walmart is suing Puerto Rico over a tax targeted in their general direction.

Vadim Nikitm wants us to give Daesh diplomatic recognition. I sort of imagine “The new ambassador would like to meet with your diplomatic team about your beheading of the previous ambassador…”

Ted Galen Carpenter says that the Daesch threat is not a 1938 thing, but rather anarchoterrorism from the 19th century. As others have pointed out, given the government’s response at the time, this is a mixed bag for CATO.

A video I must start making use of:

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5 Responses to Linkluster US Representatives

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Love the Nope!

  2. kirk says:

    Kind of surprising, how this is only the second Brit in space. I figured there were surely more.

  3. mike shupp says:

    Memory says at least one Shuttle astronaut had dual US-UK citizenship, but I can’t remember a name.

    But basically, if you want an astronaut from your country to fly into space, you have to support a manned space program — NASA or ESA or Roskosmos or JAXA or whatever — with serious bucks and until the last year or so, British governments have been not dropped a nickle on manned space.

    So no Bristish astronauts. Helen Sharmen’s trip to Mir was a Soviet propoganda/goodwill gesture; the mixed citizenship astronaut I mentioned flew as an American.

    As for why the Brits were so tight-fisted … Politics. Optics.

  4. mike shupp says:

    “Tiny Fey doesn’t seem to understand that the Vox is not finished talking to her about comedy and political correctedness”

    That’s the line that wins the internet today, Will.

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