Los Angeles Bay if the polar caps melt.

Los Angeles Bay if the polar caps melt.

Stephen Hayes talks briefly of life on the terrorism watch list. Also, a four year old. And, perhaps less surprisingly, on terror lists go activists.

Like Marco Rubio, I also enjoy water. If you enjoy water as well, you should also consider voting for him.

Walmart is suing Puerto Rico over a tax targeted in their general direction.

If Trump or Carson wants to make a third party bid, they have until Spring to try. I’d been wondering this myself, but mostly from the opposite angle: In the unlikely event of a Trump nomination, when can the rest of the party find a John Anderson?

Germany and Facebook are teaming up to “put an end to “Hate Speech“. Some Brazilians, however, are taking matters into their own hands.

Don’t fear the brokered convention or anything, but there’s a secret plan to install Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee. Or will it be Ted Cruz?

Conspiracy-fodder: Not only is Donald Trump doing his best to destroy the Republican coalition, but his outbursts seem to be rescuing the Democrats. Honestly, I wonder if this isn’t like Wag The Dog, which for years left everybody believing every military action ever was a head-fake because it coincided with some scandal except that there was always some scandal whether there was a military action or not.

Once upon a time, Great Britain was a part of Europe.

Once upon a time, Great Britain was a part of Europe.

When Stone Cold Steve Austin gave The Donald the stunner. Turns out – not surprisingly, I guess – Trump was a good sport.

Mark Begich makes the case for allowing oil exports. Paul Ryan is working on it.

Eric Holthaus is really, really excited about the new climate deal. Reading things over, well, if existing projections are accurate I still think we’re looking at less of this and more of this. Also skeptical: James Hansen. Not skeptical: Vox. Also not skeptical: journalists.

Also, Holthaus really likes Bernie Sanders’s climate change plan, except one thing.

Men, it turns out, are lazy.

Scott Weiland’s family would like to ask you not to romanticize his tragedy.

Unlike Jonathan Last, I have no strong opinion on the fact that the new Hulk is Korean-American other than being vaguely glad he’s American, but I don’t think I like the whole “retains is faculties while The Hulk” thing.

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5 Responses to Linkluster Episodes of Naruto

  1. oscar.gordon says:

    I love the flooding maps, mostly because of the naming.

  2. Michael Cain says:

    I seem to recall that back when I was a young teen there was a period where the Hulk retained the Bruce Banner persona. I didn’t read much Hulk, I was more a Spiderman and Dr. Strange kid.

  3. SFG says:

    You know, I get how the Germans are concerned about hate speech given their history, but I am really scared Facebook’s going to pull something like this here.

    • trumwill says:

      The Good Wife actually had a couple of storylines devoted to the tension between expanding to new markets and maintaining free speech, approached from both sides (the firm being on one side in one case and the other on another).

      What I find interesting is that by doing it for Germany, they are demonstrating that they can do it, which will lead to increased calls to do more here.

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