"All posters except posters about posters being prohibited."

“All posters except posters about posters being prohibited.”

We just can’t secure the Mexican border. Well, I mean, unless we decided we needed to.

What are you hiding? Kathryn Watson reports that our private medical records are not as private as we might hope.

The iTunes EULA, in graphic novel form…. {via}

“That’s what the terrorists want.”

So… they’re remaking Memento. Perhaps they’ve forgotten that the first can’t really be improved upon, and are doomed to re-do what has already been done to no effect.

Facebook is adopting a new feature to hide your ex after a breakup.

Presumed dead for years, it turned out that she just wanted to game and hang out.

How representative or reasonable we should consider the actions of student protesters aside, Millennials have a more jaundiced view of free speech compared to their elders. And not, as I had initially hoped, merely as a product of age.

The American President, the Aaron Sorkin film that sort of laid a blueprint for The West Wing, is twenty years old. I enjoyed the movie greatly. Especially the part where the president sabotaged his re-election prospect for bills that won’t pass to impress a girl.

The planet Mars is goin’ to the chapel and maybe gonna get married. (It’s okay, the moons were problematic anyway.)

The story of a man who was bilked for over $700,000 by psychics.

Jared Fogle is blaming the Subway diet for his sex crimes.

A gun ban is most popular among educated whites in DC, and least popular among blacks.

In New Orleans, a medical student took a bullet to prevent a girl from being absconded. Also, Doo Doo the clown.

Los Angeles is considering using license plate readers to send men who drive into the wrong part of town nasty letters.

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3 Responses to Linkluster CDXXVIII

  1. kirk says:

    The article about renaming Phobos and Deimos into something more PC smacks of a parody, as if people really feel the need to make the entire solar system into a safe space. Never mind the deadly radiation, lack of breathable air, and random meteor strikes–we gotta do something about warlike names!

  2. SFG says:

    OK, want a laugh? I saw the ‘juden’ in the German text and my first thought was, ‘Wow, that poster must be from really long ago…I thought they took all that stuff down’…

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