-{Intro: Last night I called my friend Kyle to try to figure out how to fix some computer problems that perplexed me all of yesterday. I won’t go into the precise nature of the problems, except to say that they defy all rational explanation}-

trumwill: My computer woes are the source of much laughter at the office today

quenkyle: Believe it or not, your computer woes are the source of my laughter at my office today, too. None of us have ever heard of the drive partition thing or the IDE Controller card thing.

trumwill: Maybe on my resume I should put that I am a Quality Assurance pioneer that has investigated malfunctions never hereforto heard of in the IT world.

quenkyle: That’ll work right up until you mention that all the {excrement} is happening on your own personal systems.

quenkyle: So I guess you didn’t get it working?

trumwill: Nope. Tonight I’m going to try putting the card into a different computer and see what happens. Switching PCI slots didn’t help. So now that I’ve tried multiple OSes, countless hardware configs, and a handful of boot drives… I’m running out of options. Man, I hate technology

quenkyle: Yet you have a metric asstonne of it

trumwill: Yes. So, apparently, I hate myself even more.

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