cameronmordorEmily Yoffe has announced that her days of Prudence are at an end.

Bloggingheads is ten years old. Founders Robert Wright and Mickey Kaus reunite to talk about it.

When local newscasters try just a little too hard.

Alanis Morissette updates Ironic.

The Force is strong with this one. I used the Imperial Death March, along with the themes to Mario Bros and Zelda, to distract Lain when she was tiny.

A pilot says that Allegiant Air fired him for putting passenger safety first.

Noah Smith says minimum wages are great, except when they’re not.

Parliamentary Problems.

Catalonia takes steps towards independence.

It’s not just a retailers’ payday. Black Friday is a big moneymaker for plumbers.

Developing countries are told they will need to make some sacrifices to avert Climate Change. Samir Saran says India should decline.

The Montana Standard is unmasking its commenters. {More}

Refusing change is indeed not the way to Keep Austin Weird. Unsurprisingly, I oppose anti-group housing laws.

An international group of architects seek to build a new Colossus of Rhodes.

Tim Marshall writes of Russia’s unfortunate geography, and why it’s so concerned with its eastern neighbors.

Fortune looks at the prospects of knowledge workers being replaced by thinking machines.

A new study suggests that there may be many Earths to come.

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14 Responses to Linkluster Male Jockeys In Oz

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Watching Black Friday videos…
    People enjoy the doorbusters so they can act like crazy a$$holes.

  2. Mike Hunt Sailer says:

    It should have been Rogers Hornsby 1924.

  3. Mike Hunt Sailer says:

    I just noticed that in your short bio Over There you refer to yourself as a “former professional gearhead”

    • trumwill says:

      I’m a SAHD for the foreseeable future. If/when I re-enter the workforce, it could be doing something else.

      • Mike Hunt Sailer says:

        Yes, but when were you ever a “gearhead”?

        • trumwill says:

          When I professionally tested computer and electronics hardware and software?

        • Mike Hunt Sailer says:

          TBH, this is the first time I have used that term to describe that job. I think it is misleading at best, but then again maybe that is the point.

        • aaron david says:

          Gerarhead is someone who works with/on cars, generally.

        • Mike Hunt Sailer says:


          Yeah, what aaron david said. Pretty much anyone who is into fixing motor vehicles, such as Jay Leno and Adam Carolla. More generally, someone who is into mechanical things. I have never heard the term for electronics enthusiasts, especially since computers don’t run by gears.

          Anyway, Rutgers took a 21-point lead with 2:43 remaining in the 2nd quarter at home in its “rivalry” game against Maryland, and couldn’t hold on.

        • trumwill says:

          Odd. My wife and I have gotten stuff from places called Gearhead and neither have to do with cars. My computer keyboard even has a “Gearhead” brand name on it. OTOH, a perusal of the net does seem a bit more car-focused than I would have guessed. So… I don’t think it’s especially misleading so much as a vocabulary disconnect. But if it’s prone to cause confusion, I’ll figure out something to change it to.

        • Mike Hunt Sailer says:

          FWIW Wikipedia defines it as “an automobile enthusiast, usually with mechanical abilities”

          However, as Billy Joel sang, “don’t go changing, to try and please me and aaron david”.

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