What can the rest of the country learn from the educational success of Texas and Florida? Uncle Steve isn’t buying it.

Isolation rooms: Schools like prisons.

bearpartyRAND writes about the Department of Education taking another look at Zero Tolerance.

Scott Shackford seeks to set the record straight on Germany’s free college.

Ole Miss is now (likely) the only state university that will no longer fly its state flag on campus. Here’s hoping that the state changes the flag into something the university will fly proudly.

What happens when the world’s driest desert gets some rain? This happens. Wow.

Puerto Rico’s solution to its debt problem may be to just stop paying.

This is a pretty heartwarming story.

GNC is accused of spiking their dietary supplements with Russian drugs.

Seduced by a teacher’s aide, a British school boy says he was scarred for life.

Waze is a great app, but it does ask you to navigate some pretty difficult maneuvers. Fortunately, this may be coming to an end.

David Kirby believes that SeaWorld needs to be held into account for their role in depleting the orca population. Trumwill-favorite Jonathan Last, who is not exactly an animal rights activist, found himself critical of SeaWorld in 2012 (and 2010).

More money is made from vinyl record sales than ad-supported streaming.

When our moral instincts fail, should we turn to pills and brain zaps?

This article on Texas Instruments’ “staggering monopoly” in high school mathematics is interesting, but I can’t see through the nostalgia. I never had a TI-8x because my parents got me a Casio, which I am still bitter about to this day. (All of the good games were on the TI.)

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  1. Murali says:

    According to the article, the impression you get is not so much that sex with his TA scarred him for life, but the subsequent pregnancy scare.

  2. Oscar Gordon says:

    RAND link is dead

  3. Michael Cain says:

    Re the TI-83… this based on the last time I taught at the local community college and spent time talking to the faculty. I assume some of this applies to high schools as well.

    CC math departments live on teaching remedial math. That includes calculator skills beyond the basic four functions. As that’s not the actual purpose of the class, no one wants to teach “generic” calculator skills, they want to teach one and only one calculator. One of the points that the article gets wrong is the link between TI popularity and the software version of it. The software doesn’t exist because the TI is popular; one of the reasons that the TI is popular is that the software exists. If Casio wants to make gains in the CC market, they need to provide tools for teachers.

    The other and more important point is that TI has been willing to produce a set of calculators with a miserable level of technology. Yes, there are much better calculator apps that run on smart phones these days. Smart phones also have memory and generic text processing — really, really good cheat sheets. And there are smart phone apps that will connect you to Mathematica’s free site which can do all the symbolic manipulations for you. As I told my last set of calculus students: “We require you to do all these hand manipulations in order to instill in you some amount of intuitive feel for how all the functions are tied together. If you were working for me, and doing integrals by hand instead of using software, I’d be very upset.”

  4. Brandon Berg says:

    Why do you call him Uncle Steve?

  5. Mike Hunt Sailer says:

    Since I can’t comment Over There, I want to wish Mark Thompson well, and it was nice meeting him in past, and maybe we can have a Fat Cat someday.

  6. Mike Hunt Sailer says:

    Isolation rooms: Schools like prisons.

    I think what the article misses is that some kids are just assholes, and by putting them in an alternative environment, you are improving the education of their classmates.

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